Traditional herbal skincare for the whole family

Our salves follow the age-old Greek home remedy tradition of the olive oil-beeswax salve that the lady of the house used to make and keep handy in the home as an all-purpose healing salve.

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It all started in a Greek mother's North Idaho garden

Read the story of Herbacea 's humble beginnings.

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Olive oil: An ancient remedy

Hippocrates called it “the great healer” and Homer “liquid gold”

Our skin, our body's largest organ, deserves the gentle care of time-tested ingredients sourced straight from nature.

Olive oil is an ancient remedy and beauty care agent and a key ingredient in our Homeland's tradition of the olive oil beeswax salve.

Our mission is to revive and continue this tradition, that up until recently was part of the life of the Greek household. The making of the beeswax salve was a labor of love for the lady of the house and her practice is our inspiration.

At Herbacea Botanicals, we carefully select our organic extra virgin Greek olive oil and locally sourced North Idaho beeswax, ensuring each batch is crafted with meticulous care. Our products are free from harmful additives and chemicals, providing a safe and effective solution for the entire family, one rooted in ancient wisdom.

Our products

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