Inviting the wildflowers in...

Inviting the wildflowers in...

My youngest likes to go out on the property and look for wildflowers and offer them to me. He is always so excited about each and every one! I think we grown ups can be inspired by a child’s gaze on things and their enthusiastic encounter with the beauty of creation and open our home to it!

Every time he brings me flowers he eagerly wants to know what I will do with them! Will I put them in my hair? Will I put them in a little glass with water? I cannot get away with just taking them. So now, having been trained to do so, I have some options handy for making the best of these offerings. That is: very simply, some pretty little cups, glass or ceramic that I can fill with a little bit of water and put the flowers in. The freshness and the vibrant colors of the flowers bring some beauty into the home in such an effortless and charming way.

Nowadays I often send the children outside with that “mission”, to bring me wildflowers! This is one mission they usually go run to execute! And what a joy to see them investigating with the seriousness of a detective in order to find a new interesting flower and outdo each other in what they bring back home! 

So if you are fortunate enough to live in a place where nature is right outside the door, don't let the blessings of the wildflowers pass you by! Go out and pick some yourself or give your little ones a cheerful mission, one that will be hard to mess up or not to have fun with! Plus, this is a wild harvest with immediate returns! 

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